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The International - Oryza Map Alignment Project: Development and analysis of a genus-wide comparative genomics platform to help solve the 9-billion people question

Epigenetic regulation of plant development and stress response

Cotton fiber as a model cell for basic biology research and tool for cellulose production

Auxin in lateral organ initiation and development

Why rapeseed cultivars flower in right time?

Functions of a calcium signaling network in abiotic stress responses

Large-scale mQTL mapping in rice by combined metabolomics and genomics strategies

Cloning and functional analysis of GS5 controlling grain size/weight and yield, and Chalk5 controlling grain chalkiness and quality in rice

Genetic regulation of carbohydrate partitioning in plants

Stress-mediated retrograde signaling in plants

Signaling with ions: merging genomics with biophysics on the pollen tube system

Sequencing, annotation and functional analysis of the diploid cotton Gossypium raimondii

Molecular physiology of the genetic regulation of nodulation and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes

On the way to nutritious and blast-resistant super-rice

Discovery of genes for drought resistance improvement in rice

Regulation of the stress escape response

Drought tolerance in plants: ABA regulated transcription factors

Avoid reinventing the wheel-Knowledge transfer across plant species

Dissecting phytochrome signaling and transcriptional networks

Genetic composition of yield heterosis in an elite rice hybrid

Development of nitrogen use efficient corn for enhanced productivity and sustainability

Cotton GhCKI regulates anther abortion by delaying tapetum PCD via the GLU-ABA-ROS signalling pathway

Integration of transcriptomic and metabolomic strategies to dissect soybean flavonoid biosynthetic network for facilitating metabolic engineering of soybean nutrients

Isolation, characterization and genetic mapping of differently expressed genes during fiber development between Gossypium hirsutum and G. barbadense

Histone modification and recognition mechanisms in controlling plant gene expression and development

Genome-wide association study dissects the genetic architecture of oil biosynthesis in maize kernels

FZP promotes the MADS box genes involved in specifying floral identity and suppresses RFL and LAX1 to regulate panicle branching in rice

Signaling networks for regulation of membrane transport in plant cells

The contribution of plant genetic engineering to 21st century sustainable agriculture

Cytoplasmic auxin signaling pathways