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Post-symposium tour

3 Day Tour to Mt. Wudang

Dept Date: July.3-5,2012
Tour line: Wuhan-Mt.Wudang-Wuhan
Days: 3 Day

3th, Morning 8:00am: Depart for Mt. Wudang (5hours trip). After lunch, transfer to Mt.Wudang hotel afterwards, and visit the remarkable slope scenic of crown prince that represents the Chinese ancient buildiing history. Overnight in a Mt.Wudang hotel.

4th, Morning 09:00am: Visiting and sightseeing up Wudang Mountain including Golden Palace, Nanyang Palace and Zixiao Palace(the Purple Clouds Palace) and so on. Then transfer to Wudang town and overnight.

5st, Depart for Wuhan (5hours trip).Tour ends when arriving in Wuhan Tianhe Airport.

Notes: Mountain Wudang:Located in Shiyan in western Hubei, it is both a famous scenic spot and the Taoist Holy Land in China. The ancient architectural complex on the mountain was listed by UNESCO in 1994 as a World Culture Heritage Site.

Contact: Ms. Tang Mei T: 86-13907196710