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Symposium Program


1, Sunday  

Opening (Chair: Qifa Zhang)

Opening Remark by Dr. Xiuxin Deng (President, Huazhong Agricultural University)

SESSION 1 Genetics & genomics I (Chair: Xianlong Zhang)
8:50-9:20 Wilhelm Gruissem (Institute of Plant Sciences, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)
Keynote Lecture: Nutritional improvement of rice endosperm or engineering abiotic stress resistance in rice
9:20-9:45 Staffan Persson(Max-Planck-Institute, Potsdam, Germany)
Avoid reinventing the wheel-Knowledge transfer across plant species
9:45-10:05 Jianbing Yan (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)
The genetic architecture of oil biosynthesis in maize kernel
10:05-10:30 Photographing of Meeting Attendees and Tea Break
SESSION 2 Genetics & genomics II (Chair: Yongming Zhou)

Rod Wing (Arizona Genomics, InstituteUniversity of Arizona, USA)

Keynote Lecture: TBA

11:00-11:25 Yuxian Zhu (Peking University, Beijing, China)
Analysis of the diploid cotton Gossypium raimondii genome
11:25-11:50 Zhenbiao Yang (University of California, Riverside, USA)
Functional genomics based on a chemical-sensitized mutant screen
11:50-12:10 Qifa Zhang (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)
Genetic composition of yield heterosis in an elite rice hybrid
12:15 Lunch
SESSION 3 Plant signaling I (Chair: Jianbin Yan)
14:30-15:00 Peter H Quail (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Keynote Lecture: Dissecting phytochrome signaling and transcriptional networks
15:00-15:25 Yunde Zhao(University of California, San Diego, USA)
Roles of auxin in auxiliary meristem development
15:25-15:50 José A Feijó (Universidade de Lisboa, Oeiras, Portugal)
Signaling with ions: merging genomics with biophysics on the pollen tube system
15:50-16:10 Jinling Meng: (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)
Why rapeseed cultivars flower in right time?
16:10-16:40  Tea Break
SESSION 4 Plant signaling II (Chair: Daoxiu Zhou)
16:40-17:10 Sean Cutler (University of California, Riverside, USA)
Keynote Lecture: Chemical and genetic dissection of abscisic acid signaling
17:10-17:35 David Braun (University of Missouri, Columbia, USA)
Genetic regulation of carbohydrate partitioning in plants
17:35-18:00 Katayoon (Katie) Dehesh (University of California, Davis, USA)
Stress-mediated retrograde signaling in plants
18:10 Dinner

July 2, Monday

SESSION 5 Stress regulation I (Chair: Shaobing Peng)
8:30-9:00 Heribert Hirt (Plant Genomics Research Unit, CNRS/INRA, Paris, France)
Keynote Lecture: Strategies to improve stress tolerance of plants
9:00-9:25 Montserrat Pagès (Departament de Genètica Molecular, Centre d’lnvestigació i Desenvolupament, Consell Superior d’lnvestigacions Cientifiques, Barcelona, Spain)
Drought tolerance in plants: ABA regulated transcription factors
9:25-9:50 David Ow (South China Botanical Garden, CAS, China)
Regulation of the stress escape response
9:50-10:10 Lizhong Xiong (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)
Gene discovery for drought resistance in rice
10:10-10:40 Tea Break
SESSION 6 Stress regulation II (Chair: Lizhong Xiong)
10:40-11:05 Sheng Luan (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Plant response to environment: from signals to membrane transport
11:05-11:30 Joerg Kudla (Universitaet Muenster, Muenster, Germany)
Functions of a calcium signaling network in abiotic stress responses
11:30-11:55 Renee Sung (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Epigenetic regulation of plant development and stress response
12:00 Lunch
SESSION 7 Development (Chair: Yunde Zhao)
14:30-15:00 Peter Gresshoff (University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)
Keynote Lecture: Molecular physiology of the genetic regulation of nodulation and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes
15:00-15:20 Xianlong Zhang (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)
Cotton GhCKI regulates anther abortion by delaying tapetum PCD via the GLU-ABA-ROS signaling pathway
15:20-15:40 Daoxiu Zhou (Université Paris sud 11 / Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)
Histone modification and recognition mechanisms in controlling plant gene expression and development
15:40-16:00 Yibo Li (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)
Cloning and functional analysis of GS5 controlling grain size/weight and yield, and Chalk5 controlling grain chalkiness and quality in rice
16:00-16:30 Tea Break
SESSION 8 Genetic improvement and tools (Chair: Sheng Luan)
16:30-17:00 Daniel Schachtman (Monsanto Company, St. Louis, MO, USA)
Keynote Lecture: Development of nitrogen use efficient corn for enhanced productivity and sustainability
17:00-17:25 Yongling Ruan (University of Newcastle, Callaghan, Australia)
Cotton fiber as a model cell for basic biology research and tool for cellulose production
17:25-17:45 Jie Luo (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)
Large-scale mQTL mapping in rice by combined metabolomics and genomics strategies
17:45-18:00 Conclusion (Remark by Dr. Qifa Zhang)
18:10 Dinner