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1. Genome Wide Association in Maize: A Genome on the Move
2. Isolation of Three Agronomically Important QTLs and Their Application in Rice Improvement
3. Sequence-based Approaches to Genome Analysis in Brassica
4. Engineering Phenylpropanoid Production for Healthy Foods
5. Using Genomics to Define Genes Controlling Cotton Fibre Initiation
6. Carotenoids: Regulation and Roles in Plant Development
7. Chloroplast Genomics and Genetic Engineering for Crop Improvement
8. Using of the Or Gene to Improve Carotenoid Content in Crops
9. Genetic and Epigenetic Factors Impacting Tomato Fruit Ripening
10. Pectic Precursors Are Important for Cotton Fiber and Arabidopsis Root Hair Elongation
11. QTL and Gene Discovery for Trait improvement in Maize
12. New Approach for Enhancing the Lodging Resistance-Beyond the sd1 Mutation-
13. A Rice 14-3-3 Protein Negatively Regulates Broad Spectrum Disease Resistance
14. Transporters Involved in Accumulation of Toxic Cd and As in Rice
15. Limonene Downregulation in Orange Reveals the Sense of Fruit Aromas in Mediating Interactions with Insect Herbivores and Pathogens
16. Delayed Leaf Senescence Induces Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants
17. Developing Salt-tolerant and Drought-tolerant Cotton
18. Quantitative Genomics of Natural Variation in Plant Metabolism: the Illusion of Simplicity
19. Lipidomics for Crop Improvement
20. Post-genomic Elucidation of Plant Natural Product Pathways
21. The Role of Epigenomics for Understanding and Manipulating Crop Plants
22. Genetic Improvement on Rice Yield Potential with Plant Ideotype Traits
23. Development of Plant Metabolomics – from Arabidopsis to Crops
24. Functional Genomic Dissection of Ca2+/calmodulin-mediated Signaling and Crop Improvement
25. The Draft Genome of Brassica oleracea and Evolution of Brassica Genomes
26. Exploring the Interaction of Rice and Xanthomonase oryzae pv. oryzae
27. Gene Pyramiding to Improve Green Super Rice by Molecular Marker-aided Selection
28. Genomic and Epigenomic Evolution of Rice during Domestication and Improvement
29. Two Common Insertion/Deletions in Zea mays VTE4 Are Associated with α-tocopherol Content in Maize Kernels
30. QTL Dissection in Rapeseed: from Individually Towards Grouping
31. Developing RGMS System for Heterosis Utilization in B. napus
32. Expression Profile Analysis Discovers Two Functional Genes Involved in Fiber Cell Initiation and Elongation in Cotton
33. Citrus Red-Flesh Trait and Its Molecular Basis
34. Evolution of New Genes and Genomes in Plants
35. Genome-wide Association Study of Complex Traits in Rice